> In-wheel Symmetric Selective Suspension

The Acrobat™ wheel incorporates a selective suspension mechanism that acts only when an impact above a certain threshold is encountered. The threshold is pre-set according to user requirements and is easily changeable.


In normal ride on standard floors or pavements, the suspension mechanism remains static. The Acrobat™ acts and feels as a high-end, rigid wheel. However, when encountering an impact caused by an obstacle above a specific threshold, the Acrobat’s Selective Suspension mechanism comes into play. This causes a shift of the wheel’s hub from its previously central location and develops a cushioning effect that dramatically absorbs and lessens the impact transferred to the rider


Once the obstacle has been passed the hub shifts back to its central location smoothly, automatically, and seamlessly. The wheel regains its rigidity and responsiveness, and the user continues moving efficiently.


In fact it is the wheel that absorbs most of the shock generated by impact rather than the chair or the user’s body.

Reduced Impact with the Acrobat™ Wheels

Twice as much in half the time


The impact hitting on a regular rear wheel (in red)

The impact on the Acrobat (in blue